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It is here, for many years now, that non-standard BDSM devices, paraphernalia and leather accessories have been made. The very ones from which the owners get an aesthetic and physical orgasm & subspace. Huge many years of experience with a maniac tendency towards non-standard solutions, along with traditional quality. The workshop is not limited to BDSM devices only. Leather corsets, shoulder straps, luxurious jewelry from exotic types of leather, fetish masks, leather souvenirs. Anything that may be interesting to the master:)

Collections Lava
Collections Steampunk
Collections Stingray
Accessories Corsets
Accessories Dog masks
Accessories Masks
Accessories Bags
Accessories Bag tube
BDSM Crops
BDSM Whips
BDSM Floggers
BDSM Fixation

My store is on Etsy. Many of the items in my portfolio are not available for direct sale. Since they were made individually for each customer, taking into account their wishes. If you want to make a custom order, just contact me.

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