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Leather Craft TS * BDSM & FETISH

Few Words About Myself

Nice to meet you, friend! My name is Elena. I am a professional craftsman in making leather BDSM instruments and other leather goods. I hope you enjoy my work from the portfolio, and after that we will be on the same wavelength.
By touching the skin, the world becomes different and I want to show you the aesthetics, beauty and variety of my work.

I started working with leather in 2004. For the first time I made myself a few eyelashes from an old jacket. My partner liked them so much that he insisted that I continue. Many years have passed since then. My work and performance style will be recognized in different countries.
I can say with some pride that I have brought new ideas to the world of BDSM. Steam punk style with clockwork, Love style, BDSM stingray leather attributes.
And it can all be yours, just contact me.